From Principal's Desk

From the Principal's Desk

A Final Word from Principal

I feel very pleased to let you know that RAI SCHOOL has completed its 19 years of continuation and is going to commemorate its 19th School Annual functions with the issue of the school magazine “Mirror”. Each issue of our school magazine is a milestone that marks our growth, unfolds our imaginations, and gives meaning to our thoughts and aspirations. A school magazine helps to record the academic and co-curricular journey of the school and provides an opportunity for the students to showcase their talent and creativity. I encourage students to take a step to discover themselves and to begin to fill the blank page with words.

In its early stages, the human mind is a coarse grain of sand, requiring a nurturing shell of a broad spectrum of learning opportunities and experiences. It eventually gets nourished into nature’s most gifted pearl of creative ideas, knowledge and critical thinking that revolutionizes the world.

I am extremely sanguine that RAI SCHOOL since its genesis in 19 years has offered itself as a shell for sheltering and fostering human minds in their raw state to be matured into empowered innovators, inventers and explorers. The school in these 19 years has unlocked the storehouse of creative genius and set buoyant the human spirit. The wheel of excellence and continual progress has been steered with values and conventions as its fulcrum, quality education, constant improvement in infrastructure, educational technology, teaching, and learning processes as its spokes, to fortify innumerable efforts to set the wheel on its track.

The need of the hour is to root students firmly in an enabling and constructive work environment for their meaningful blossoming. The school administration has been able to create balance between quality and quantity as may be the popular belief.

Constant upgradation of visual educational processes and systems has unleashed a trail of glorious feats for us in these 19 Years from outstanding results of CBSE Examinations and trophies and prizes cinched by our students in co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities.

It is believed that a thin line demarcates a good school from a truly great one. I am deeply gratified to claim that in the 19th Year of our enriching odyssey, we are already half way to become a truly top-notch school. The school will continue undeterred until the destination is reached. In the next few years, with our uncompromising ideals, constant support and faith of state holders in our professionalism, we would like to encourage greater student-led initiatives, teachers’ development ad self-led teaching.

We at RAI SCHOOL draw our abiding inspiration from the following elegant lines.

“Luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it. Everyone has had breaks, but the man who can smile at his breaks and grab his chances gets one.”

With sincere and warm regards

K.P. Pandey