History of Rai School

Early Years

Since preprimary is the defining period of an individual’s life, RAI has been providing a good head start to learning for beginners. Children learn a great deal in the pre-primary section. Here at RAI, we provide a safe learning environment where the students get ample opportunities to develop social and communication skills; and get a great start on the path of lifelong learning.

The introduction to education must be gradual, non-formal and learner friendly as much as possible. Our early years focus on learning through play. We try our best so that the play meets the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs of the children. We emphasize on the child’s curiosity and imagination which naturally help to evoke learning when unfettered.

Besides, we have age-appropriate infrastructure and resources for children for holistic development and this is supported by the loving and caring teachers. This enables the children to learn while playing. We help them to develop in language skills, recitation, number and music skills. Social habits like conversation and general awareness are encouraged and paid attention to.