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Message from the Principal


RAI SCHOOL completes 16th year of academic excellence as a school of high standard and results. I am greatly elated to state that RAI SCHOOL has been one of the best academic institutions with growing time with outstanding result. We are committed to develop academic competencies, personality growth,  better results, children winning championships and honours at various academic & co-curricular activities in days to come. We would like our children to grow as honest, hardworking, civilized, knowledgeable like “Eklavya” and “Bhakta Prahlad”.   I would like to thank all the parents, guardians teachers and staff who have put their sincere effort and dedication with unconditional reposed faith for making this school a centre of excellence.   I would like to express my gratitude to entire RAI SCHOOL FAMILY for their support with patience and tolerance as we expanded, evolved and excelled. I would appreciate students who have extended their helping hands in these sixteen glorious years of academic excellence.   Our sole purpose will always be to provide an education that produce scholars and that opens the doors to different renowned universities of Nepal, India and abroad for worldwide acclaimed courses.   We would like to see our children mature into strong global citizens with level of responsibility, tolerance, intellect and love for one and all. We further promise to continue in our endeavours to greater heights and to bring best out of our students.