The RAI Hostel is a home away from home. It has been established to cater to the needs of today’s learners who need a proper learning environment and guidance. We provide an enriching environment to the students and make sure that they get a healthy and hygienic diet.

RAI has always aimed at cultivating disciplined and cultured global citizens which is possible by providing education based on the amalgamation of Anglo and Vedic values (i.e. western mind and eastern heart.)

The hostel at RAI has also enabled the students to access facilities like sports (cricket, basketball, football and so on) and entertainment (television, internet). Students’ safety is our prime concern;

Moreover, we also run extra classes and coaching classes as per the needs of the students.

Features that enrich RAI hostel:

  • A very well-furnished building and a huge playground.
  • We have separate hostels for boys and girls with separate wardens.
  • We have regular counseling, mentoring and assessment.
  • We also keep regular and systematic record of activities and programs.
  • Strict discipline and time-table schedule.
  • Separate health and fitness hall.
  • Fortnightly parents’ call and visit provision.
  • Regular yoga and meditation.
  • A tastefully decorated visitors’ hall where resident students may receive their parents and relatives.
  • Laundry facilities available.