Transportation is an option most students take advantage of. We facilitate our students with well-equipped transport facilities. There is regular bus transport for children with stops at main points in the city. Children have to take the nearest allocated stops as there will be no change in the routes that the buses ply. We have seperate routes across the city and your child will be allowed to choose the suitable route upon transportation request.

Bus Route:

Bus No: 8727

Time Place
6:00 am Jorpati School
7:05 am TU gate Kritipur (1st Point)
7:10 am Kumari Club: Kritipur
7:15 am Metro Hall- Kuleshwor
7:20 am Kalanki
7:2 5 am Kalimati
7:30 am Teku- Bhotebahal
7:35 am Thapathali Chowk
7:40 am Kalikasthan
7:42 am Charkhal Chowk
7:45 am Bagbazar
7:50 am New Road Gate Bir Hospital
7:55 am Kamal Pokhari Chowk- Naxal, Bhagwati bahal
8:00 am Kalopul
8:10 am Guheshwori
8:20 am School

Bus No: 8728

Time Place
7:20 am Baluwatar
7:30 am Mandikatar
7:40 am Dhumbarahai-Chakrapath
7:45 am Sukedhara
7:50 am Chabahil Chowk
7:55 am Chuchepati- Boudhha
8:00 am Bouddha Chowk
8:10 am Jubi Petrol Pump
8:15 am Jorpati Oralo

Bus No: 9428

Time Place
6:30 am Jorpati School
7:20 am Swoyambhu (Thulo Bharayang)
7:30 am Chhetrapati- Kmari Club Thamel
7:40 am Paknajol
7:40 am Dallu
7:45 am Sorhakhutte Chowk
7:45 am Thamel
8:00 am Kamalpokhari Chowk
8:10 am Gyaneshwor, Ratopul
8:15 am Gaushala- Mitrapark
8:15 am Guheshowori
8:20 am Naya Basti, Jorpati
8:25 am School