Principal's Message

I feel very pleased to let you know that Rai School has completed 20 years in continuation.
2020 is a year of new beginnings. Rai School has relocated to a beautiful campus with innovative educational pedagogy. We believe in fostering excellence by giving the students the tools for complete overall development. Our incredibly rich offer of activities, within and beyond the classroom, help us to produce students who are confident, able and responsible.
The wheel of excellence and continual progress has been steered with values and conventions as its fulcrum; quality education, and constant improvement in infrastructure, educational technology, teaching and learning processes as its spokes to fortify innumerable efforts to set the wheel on its track.
The need of the hour is to root students firmly in an enabling and constructive work ethic for their meaningful blossoming. The school administration strives to create an equilibrium between quality and quantity.
‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’- Henry Ford
Let us work together so that we may truly accomplish our common vision of success of all Rai School students so that they mirror our values, our efforts and our aspirations.
With sincere and warm regards

K.P. Pandey