Rai School is the first school in Kathmandu to partner with Nischals Lab to enhance the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs and to introduce a Maths Lab. The aim is to simplify the subjects and make learning fun. Following the motto of LEARNING BY DOING, Nischals Lab products are currently used in over 2 lakh schools in India. In line with the latest curriculum, Nischals Lab sharpens minds, increases mental agility and intelligence. The Lab activities make it easy for students to understand, remember and reproduce the major and minor concepts of various subjects.


Rai School is proud to be associated with Next Education, a revolutionary education Company from India which focuses on improving learning outcomes by developing a lifelong love for learning. It makes education child-centric rather than teacher-centric through active learning. Strategies for interactive classroom experience include Peer Interaction, Think-Pair-Share, Flipped Classroom, Role Play like Model United Nations. Such strategies have a great social and emotional impact on students, increasing their retentive ability and commitment to learning.


"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms - it's about understanding." 'Learning by Doing' is the core idea of Maths Buddy. Whether it is hands-on instruments or interactive virtual activities, Math is best understood by doing it. This way, children experience Maths concepts in a way that they will never forget. Rai School has partnered with Maths Buddy to bring a Maths-based platform to its students.