Beyond Academics

Consistent and clear parameters promote accountability and personal responsibility, allowing Rai students to focus on the goals of improving their academic and social skills. It is important for students and parents to know that RAI has set this structure to allow for true change and exceptional growth. RAI has a well-designed curriculum with Co-Curricular activities along with the normal course of study.

RAI School offers students every possible way to supplement academics with Co-curricular activities as diverse as Tree plantation, News reading, Debate, Dance & Music, Art & Craft, Handwriting & Reading Competition, Essay writing & Dictionary contest, Education Tour & Annual Day celebration , Cultural Programs, Writing Articles for School magazine/bulletin and literary activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities play a very crucial role in teaching teamwork, leadership and healthy competition. Moreover, increasingly, colleges and universities enquire about involvement outside of academia. A world of creativity and talent, which is important for the overall development of a child’s personality is opened, supported by Extra-Curricular Activities.

Music and Dance are offered to students of all classes. There is a robust STEAM program in school conducted through Makers Hub which offers Robotics and Practical Science lessons. This aids children to learn to come up with solutions and explore the world through science and technology. Potters Hub, the Pottery Studio is a great way for children to learn about clay molding and pottery and to reconnect to nature. There is an in-school planetarium which makes learning about the solar system and universe fun and visual.

We move beyond classrooms and provide a safe, nurturing and overall educational environment that promotes learning. This also enhances confidence and encourages each child’s growth and development.



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